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"UNSPEAKABLE" - coming January 9, 2019

On January 9th, 2019, CBC Television will begin to air an eight part dramatic miniseries based on the Canadian Tainted Blood Tragedy. The documentary was inspired by "Bad Blood: The Unspeakable Truth" by Vic Parsons and "The Gift of Death: Confronting Canada's Tainted Blood Tragedy" by Andre Picard and the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada by Justice Krever.

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Nuwiq large vial sizes (3000/4000IU) are now available - Octapharma


Surplus in the Trust Fund for the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement
Liberal Government's quarter-billion dollar broken promise that no one talks (or knows) about

The CHS, along with several other organizations, objects to the surplus being paid out to the federal government and strongly supports a Notice of Motion, which will be presented to the courts at a Joint Hearing in June, to enhance the benefit to claimants....

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Kogenate FS Withdrawal

On August 15, Bayer Inc. withdrew nineteen lots of Kogenate FS distributed in Canada. These lots of Kogenate FS currently meet potency requirements but have been identified as being at risk of falling below potency before their expiry date.

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Hepatitis C Class Action Settlement (1986-1990)

1. Factums by the Joint Commitee and the Federal Government IMPORTANT NOTICE: Joint Hearing will take place June 20-22, 2016
Watch the video links in British Columbia in the following location: Vancouver Law Courts - court room 52, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver 8:30am - 2:30 pm local Pacific Time

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2. Accessing treatments for hepatitis C through the Hempatitis C January 1, 1986-July 1, 1990 Class Actions Settlement

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3. CHS recommendations on 1986-90 HCV Trust Fund Projected Surplus

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Nuwiq approved in Canada - Octapharma

Octapharma's new generation recombinant FVIII (Nuwiq) is now approved in Canada for treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients of all ages suffering with hemophilia A (congenital factor VIII deficiency).

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Pfizer's Solofuse reconstitution device now available in Canada

The first reconstitution device in the form of a syringe prefiled with diluent and recombinant factor VIII (Xyntha).

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KidK, A Self Infusion Training Program - Bayer

Bayer HealthCare has created an educational tool for patients with hemophilia A. The program is designed to help healthcare professionals teach patients how to self-infuse. The kit includes a new tool called BayCuff which helps patients learn and practice how to safely self-infuse.

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Step Up, Reach Out International Leadership Program for Youth (SURO) and AFFIRM - Bayer

Two flagship patient advocacy development programs, SURO & AFFIRM are international programs designed to provide hands-on leadership training for future patient orgaization leaders between 18-38 years old, who are interested in actively supporting their hemophilia communities.

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Speaking Frankly - Bayer

A series of peer-written magazines in print and online which offers advice on some of early adulthood's difficult and controversial questions. It is an insightful tool for young adults with hemophilia which covers taboo topics such as sex, drugs and depression. Copies of past editions can be obtained through the BC Hemophilia Assessment Clinic.

Travel Planners
If you are planning a trip or are travelling into clinic, there are two new resources available to you:

"Getting There" Travel, Accommodation and Transportation Resource Guide - a booklet that highlights potential discounts and savings for patients travelling into clinic.

lanning Travel: A Guide for Persons with Bleeding Disorders
- if you are planning a trip this booklet will outline what you should be considering regarding your bleeding disorder.

Introducing eHemophilia, an online learning opportunity designed by McMaster University to benefit your health care professional. This program is supported by a restricted grant from Bayer HealthCare.

Graphic Novels for Young People with Hemophilia- Bayer

K Living With It!... an exciting graphic novel series. Available to patients and their siblings accross Canada through your local clinic or chapter. Please vist the BC Hemophilia Assessment Clinic to obtain copies of past editions.

A Bright Future - DVD Series

A new resource is available for individuals living with hemophilia and their families. The DVD series is produced by Inalex Productions and is sponsored by Baxter BioScience.

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Me and My Genes

A resource about being a carrier of hemophilia is now available. Me and My Genes is an interactive animated video that provides potential pre-teen and teenage carriers with relevant and age appropriate information about what it means to be a carrier of hemophilia A or B. It includes facts about inheritance of the hemophilia gene, carrier testing and the management of bleeding symptoms. The resource also includes interactive buttons for viewers to test their knowledge and access tips, myths and fun facts of interest for young carriers.
Me and My Genes was made possible through an educational grant from
Bayer HealthCare. For details please visit:

Is life without bleeds a possibility?

If you have a bleeding disorder, you know - more than anyone - just how disruptive joint bleeds can be in your day to day life. But how do you prevent bleeds from occurring while still doing all the things you love to do? Lots of ways!

First off, you know your treatment can play an active role in planning and executing it! Are you aware that prophylaxis treatment can be used throughout your life - from childhood through adulthood? If you are currently using on-demand treatment, ask your doctor if prophylaxis may be right for you. You and your hemophilia health team have partnered together with the joint goal of reducing bleeds in your life. But what happens if you aren't completely satisfied with your therapy?

Track your bleeds
- Did something happen to start one?
- When did it happen?
- What did you do to treat it?

Tell your hemophilia health team if you feel you aren't controlled
- The questions above will help point out where control is lacking
- Your doctor may be able to recommend a dosage or product change to help better control your bleeds

Bleeds may never disappear completely in all patients, but they can be reduced to a point where life without bleeds seems like a possibility. Talk to your hemophilia health team to ensure you are doing all you can to manage and prevent joint bleeds.

Health Canada approves Eloctate - Biogen

August 2014 - Biogen Idec Canada is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved ELOCTATE Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant BDD) Fc Fusion Protein for the control and prevention of bleeding episodes and routine prophylaxis in adults and children aged 12 and older with hemophilia A.

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